Friday, February 06, 2004

5:35 pm
i have been sick for 2 days- the only blemish on my 2-yr school record & since my baaaad sickness 2 yrs ago!!! nooo! but i am better and i'll admit, twas nice to sit around (ok, lie around) for 2 days and watch "dawson's creek", "saved by the bell", etc. oooh i have just figured out how to play cds on the laptop!! so i am listening to MINAS TIRITH. ooooh other exciting news!!!! on june 5 we are going to see howard shore conduct the aso and asc in the LoTR symphony!!! eeeeeeeee!!! daddy followed thru on tickets, yayness. doggies are barking and mom went to get publix. i am sleepy. going to LHS's performance of "a funny thing happened on the way to the forum" tonight. hopefully fun. research paper ce weekend!!! joyness. soooo excited- NOT.

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