Monday, February 02, 2004

5:17 pm
bonjourno all, it's a wet and nasty but loverly cozy-like day out there. if it were only 2 degrees colder then we probably would not have to go to school... but, as we have often established, the weather gods despise us. last night the superbowl party at megses house was super yummy- chili, sour cream, cheese, fritos, cornbread, and BROWNIES. mmmm. waaaay too many chips and chocolate for clairey. oohhh but it was excellent. (may i mention that i awoke this morning at 5:30 feeling really bad but nothing came of it... hm wonder why that happened?) there is a HILARIOUS LoTR parody that diane sent kirsten who sent megs who sent it to me. it's HYSTERICAL. you must read it. that's the two towers one and i will get the other one later.
anyway, today was okay. glad the chem test is over and i have a multiple choice one to study for. also silly research paper. man i think it stopped raining. *FREEZE!!!!!* well it ain't gonna happen so i might as well forget it. apparently when i met mike willis i didn't know what the deal on him was because johanna was really jealous, hehe. gotta go work... PEACe

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