Saturday, February 14, 2004

5:03 pm
HI! how are yall??
last night i went to see RoTK with wonderful sarah o!! we had a lotta fun and tried to get people to clap which didn't always work but it was good. i really want to cry at that movie again. but i can't make myself do it. isn't that strange?? i think it is. it's such a powerful experience to cry at it, and sometimes you just need to. hmm. if it doesn't get best picture the academy will have hell to pay. i swear i will write a letter. or something. hehe. okeee. so yes, i was so grateful that sarah went with me, she's great. i saw cole!! and apparently daniel and austin were there too. COLE: look, there's daniel! (we see a guy with a buzz cut and leather jacket) HI DANIEL!!!! oh... wait.... that's not daniel... oh well... HI ANYWAY!
i adore merry and pippin. maybe my favorite characters. their songs are excellent. today i woke up around 10:15 and had athens pizza for breakfast. then i cleaned some and hung out... and went to rehearsal around 12:30. it is going well, i think, i'm getting more excited about it. cole and laine are rocking it. and i know my lines!! laura r. is such a hilarious mother. i hope she and thomas do the noah joke on sunday, that would be great. although you can't get any better than the unplanned-- last year-- MATT- did got say it was alright papa?? STAFF- BAM!!!!!! ALL OF US- trying not to laugh THOMAS (grinning)- no.
heehee. goodtimes man, good times. i am going to print this year's blog out soon. tonight megan is coming over... vinnies are under "house arrest" and marty and em have not returned my calls. oh well, megs and i always have an excellent time. la dee daaaaaaaaaaa... i should go do something else and get offline if megs is trying to call me. oh yeah- HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! ha i forgot

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