Tuesday, February 03, 2004

4:53 pm
don't have to go to rehearsal, yayayay! that means more time for my research paper... joy, elation, goodie. i am looking at LoTR interviews. today was fine. hmmm. j'ai faim. the school day seems to be going really fast which is good. yeeesh i hate research papers. and procrastinating. the two mixed together are not good at all. we are having salmon for le diner. it is sunny and a little warmer outside which is good but it = no snow. not that there was EVER going to be any. hmmph. okaaay. there is not much else to say i spose. i think i may end up getting a livejournal. not sure yet, can't change anything til feb. 16 though since that's the 2 yr anniversary of this blog. coooooool huh??? ok i'm done, BYE mes amis

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