Tuesday, February 24, 2004

4:41 pm
comment ca va? back to sunday... cast party was fun. i loooved mollie's skirt, it was gorgeous. some peoples got in the hot tub, but i chose to hang out on dry land. wonderful beatles music was on. me, chris, marty, vic, mase, cole, etc. also helped to put up the stage sets after the show- we were like, the only people who stayed to help. yay. we had pizza at the cavs', and most of us were so tired that we sat around and watched an abc family movie. it was funny. hung around til 8:30ish and then went home.
yesterday i had NO CAVITITES! yayayayay. and i got to bed fairly early, doing lots of stuff for school, thankfully. today was mardi gras. maybe i'll give up easy bake cookies. noooo! hehe. we had pralines in chemistry- yummmmy. and then in french we had our fete de mardi gras. it was soooooo good. the food was awesome, spicy, excellent. and we hung out. i ate a lot. mmm. and now masey is pressing me to get off so he can call his GF :)
PS- johnny depp won the SAG AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
i love you all
"it was all... *dip*" -- cole, on the sunday show. i love that!!

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