Wednesday, February 11, 2004

4:33 pm
bonjourno, it is grey outside. i am wanting spring to come.
1 1/2 days of school before the half day of happiness.
i am dying to see return of the king again.
our AP pres is not til friday!!! yay!
dum da dummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ahhh! i need to be off book by tomorrow! ahhhh!
breakfast club... mmm.
the principal's list peoples got pizza for le dejeuner...
and mike's mom brought smoothies and krispy kreme in english!!
so i am full of sweet stuff.
HW: -work on AP pres
-finish chem lab (too bad soffe was absent :()
-french pres 2morrow
-english character sketch for farenheit 451

not too bad!!
love you all

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