Wednesday, February 25, 2004

4:30 pm
oh, excuse me, were you actually wanting me to POST something? whoops. been checkin email here and there. aloha mes amis. ca va? anyway. today is ash wednesday. i believe that i have given up soft drinks, cursing, and pillsbury easy bake cookies. AHHHHH!!! today was a pretty good day. really rainy and chilly, prompting ms. crow to say for the zillionth time in 2 months, "yall, turn on the weather channel!" i love her ever-present optimism but it's NOT GONNA HAPPEN. il ne neige jamais ici. mais c'est la vie dans la soud, non? so SINCE it is ash wednesday, at 5:30 we are going to the church service, then eating dinner, then i am going to go salsa with rae and amy and whoever else takes rae's class at WNS. wish megs could come along but she has volleyball. i don't have TOO much hw... flowers postponed DBQ til monday!! yeeeehaaa. tomorrow is breakfast club, yay. sunday is the oscars!! eeee! and also family gathering. and youth. and choir. eesh, busyness. so i best go do some work if i want to get an early bedtime.. i adore you all til the ends of the earth

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