Monday, February 23, 2004

4:20 pm
wow, there is sooooo much- maybe too much- to say in this post! it may have to be prolonged over several, we shall see when mom yells CLAIRE!!! TIME TO GO TO THE DENTIST!!! crap. je deteste le dentist. blaaaahck. well, maybe it will be quick and painless, that would be verrry nice. ANYWAY back to the weekend-
... when we last left the life of MEEEE i was lounging around waiting for saturday night. or afternoon, rather. well, it arrived, and I arrived in the FH to see all my friends dancing around to music on the stage. it was fun(ny). then we were herded into makeup/costume/bo braiding my hair. my hair has been so curly you guys-- she french braided it!!! it was pretty. lots of volume. anyway, so we performed again- i think saturday was our worst show, which was saying something because it wasn't bad at all. not as much energy as friday, but it was really good. it was an OVER-FULL house, meaning they had to bring in more chairs too. who was there? shannon, bruce, joan, nathan; MK! jules, henry, barbara, paul... emmy, kady, christina, lots of other peoples. then we went to zesto's. it was yummy. i had half a cheeseburger and a banana split. mmm. we all sat in a round booth and i took some pictures and cole crawled under the table and we all talked and played telephone (hahaha squishy queen of fall hear me roar hahaha) and laine said "cole, be a good husband and go get me ice cream" and he went!! awwww. oh yeah- and before the show, i started singing "rent" and before i knew it, laine was singing with me!! yay! she has the most gorgeous voice. it's right up there with amy's, and i'd say that is the best voice i have ever heard in my life. anywayssss....
....sunday. yesterday. went to sun. school b/c a muslim woman and a jewish man were there to discuss and answer questions about their religions, and john answered questions about ours. it was verry interesting and there were lots of people there. then church... most of us play peoples were zonked out so we just sat in the back. then we went straight to the FH where there was music and sandwich stuff provided by dear dan and mary. then we did all of that good stuff... for the last time, sniff sniff!! and the play went magnificently. WONDERFULLY. i love my act the best. hahaha
laura: charles, are you talkin about that old incubator again? who do you think you are with all those animals? NOAH?
thomas: well, myrtle, if you'd like to give the boy some good advice, i'll just go upstairs and BUILD AN ARK and leave you alone with him!
i think thomas and cole's conversation is my favorite part of the play.
thomas: since the cavemen, no bridegroom should see his father-in-law on the day of the wedding or near it! now REMEMBER THAT.
ok and now we come to the wedding--
well, #1, molls went out to the audience for her little vow-interruption thing. which was cool. then, laura rich. just kept "crying" and "crying" really loudly and FINALLY-
my dearest cole, who is one of my favorite people in the entire WORLD, dipped laine, one of the sweetest and most gorgeous gals in the entire world, REALLY LOW when he "kissed" her!!! it was the FUNNIEST THING EVER. we were all trying not to crack up onstage, especially ME, as the minister, who was facing the freakin audience!!! and then we ran offstage and CRACKED UP!!!!!!! ahhhhh
and i will tell more later bc i have to go to the stupid dentist. hmph. :)

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