Saturday, February 07, 2004

3:40 pmh
bonjour mes amis. LAST NIGHT
LHS- "A funny thing happened on the way to the forum"- TRES BIEN THEATRE! saw lotsa old SMS pals that went fairly ballistic when they saw me. lots of "OH MY GODS" ensued which was cool. kelly, jess, laura, tiffy (whom i've seen pretty lately), elsie, becky, allison, aly, alyssa (had to ask her about RoTK), hila, etc. etc. oh and HANNAH!!!!!! it made me VERY happy to see hannah. she has the best smile in the world.
8ish: woke up
8ish-8:25ish: dressed, made tea, swiss melt, ran out to PP's cadillac, said bye to mom, and left
8:30ish-8:45ish: waited around for chick and others to arrive @ YAAB
8:45ish-9:30ish: ate bagels and talked to peoples who were arriving
9:30ish-11:50ish: ran act I, act II, and act I of "our town" twent shakily but ok i think. oh and allie was WONDERFUL @ helping me with my lines.
me: there used to be an awful lot of those goings on during weddings-
allie: NO! NO! There used to be 'that kind of THING' going on!!! because they're talking about his THING!
me: wow.
11:50ish-12:10ish: waited out in the cold for PP with the guys, then realized that was STUPID so went back inside for awhile
12:10ish-12:50ish: ate lunch w/ PP @ panera- john and helen were there too and i talked to sistah e on helen's cell phone! yay
12:50ish-1:05ish: PP drove me home
1:05ish-1:30ish: got doggies out, made hot chocolate with dove bars and read the paper.
now have been working on research paper GROAN GROAN GROAN.
i have made a pact that it will be done by 10 AM tomorrow. when i have to be @ church.
that gives me.....
(does calculating in head....)
18 hours!!!
but i WILL be sleeping.
+ probably watching britcoms.
and you know me, i'm sure i'll procrastinate.
i got to talk to david!!! yay. that makes me so happy. just to have a quick real-time conversation is very connecting.

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