Friday, February 13, 2004

3:34 pm
hm. things are not turning out as i had mainly planned. allie cannot go to the movies tonight and probably not the get together tomorrow. :( makes me sad. but it ain't her fault, so it's ok i spose. anyway.... I STILL AM DYING TO SEE ROTK!!!! I must go!!! who wants to go with me??? wish mary ann were in town. hrmmmmmmm. thinkthinkthink. well anyway, the 1/2 day was easy and fun. i enjoyed it. i slept in my braids so my hair was all pretty and crimpy. mom and i went to melton's for lunch. it was muchos yummy. i need to do some homework. it's so nice to be at home when i would usually be "enjoying" the bus ride... oh yeah- i know my lines!! yay. okee (fave new word) g2g. love yall

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