Monday, February 16, 2004

1:53 pm
HI! don't i looooove having a day off??? yessssss. hehe. slept til 10ish, and have not really done much... put some pictures in a frame. and cleaned a teeny bit. listened to "beauty and the beast" and "joseph" since 3 yrs ago today was our opening night. ACK! crazy. tonight is rehearsal. i have makeup call at 6:30. here is what i should do before then:
-work on my english review (great)
-be ready for my ap presentation; hopefully i'll get it out of the way tomorrow
-clean more of my room
-listen to lotr soundtrack or something
-write some
-finish printing my blog out
because 2 yrs ago tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary of me starting it and all. yep, coolness.

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