Saturday, February 21, 2004

12:08 pm
hahahahaha yeah i tried livejournal for like 4 days but i really do not like it. blogger is so much better. so do ya want me to post what i said this week on livejournal? okeee i will.

first one
Retrieved at 5:21pm on 16th February 2004
hallo people. hmmmmm. yes, i have jumped on the bandwagon and created a livejournal. how do yall like it? i think it's pretty coool. today we had a day off which was excellent. i really needed it, though i wish we had another one off on next monday after the play. speaking of the play, i have rehearsal in less than an hour. so i should probably go eat and do some work. we'll see if this works, and i'll talk to yall later. much love

I'm still getting used to this thing
Retrieved at 4:35pm on 18th February 2004
Hi there. I'm talking to Allie right now!! Hm, maybe I'll go back to writing in caps for awhile... like caps where they are supposed to be. Anyway. Today is the first day that we don't have rehearsal, so I have nothing to do tonight. It's excellent. Well, I DO have to write an English review and study for a chem test but other than that... maybe I'll do some writing. Ahh, the weather is GORGEOUS outside. It seems like April more than February. ugh my STUPID computer keeps cutting the net off. Grroowl. dum dum dum... ap presentation went pretty well, thankfully. glad it's outta the way. yeah, screw capital letters in all the right places. tomorrow is THURSDAY! which = breakfast club. yumm. i need some good ole yvonne's pancakes. rehearsals are going well, we only have 1 left- tomorrow- which is good/bad. i really enjoy working on it though. i hope a lot of peoples show up, they usually don't for the play but "our town" is fairly well known. okay... should get off. peace!!

tonight is dress rehearsal!!!
Retrieved at 4:56pm on 19th February 2004
ahhhhh! everything has to come together so quickly. yeeeeeesh. we won't get started til at least 8:30 tonight, therefore we won't get out til past 11. fun fun fun. and this chemistry test is so not going to work here. mom's gone to get publix sandwiches and i am hungry. my back hurts a little too. today i woke up and we went to breakfast club. i adore those pancakes. then in ap world we watched "a tale of 2 cities" which is good. and a good break from working. having my presentation done makes me soooo happy. in chemistry we went over the questions but i still do not feel ready for the test. blaaahck. in french we went over stuff and went to the library to look up mardi gras stuff. which reminds me, i need to look up a recipe for tuesday. at lunch melissa bitched about her tennis opponent which was really funny, and nazia, me, and maia discussed the impossibility of giving up meat or chocolate for lent. then nazia said that someday she would invent fat-free steak. and me and maia just looked at her.... in english we chose classics to read- mine is "david copperfield". i really enjoyed the condensed version in elementary school but now it's thick and small print-y... *whine*. not really, i don't mind it. now why can i not get a different font???... hrm, confusing. okay i really should go eat or study or something. **crossed fingers** for a good and loooooong practice. peace yall

last night was opening night and we rocked the house if i do say so myself!! oh yeah and dress rehearsal on thursday went very well too. i got 6 hours of sleep thursday night, or shall i say friday morning since i didn't get to bed til midnight anyway. but yesterday- it was great! cole was wonderful, laine was beautiful, laura r. was HILARIOUS, thomas was perfect, laura f. was superb, chris was great, everyone adored mollie and ben, sheridan was the cutest thing ever, candler's stamp collection line rocked, megan added the most brilliant line- "george gibbs! take off your hat while you are in my store! you are ridiculous!"- and us narrators were wonderful too. :) :) grin grin grin grin grin! ya wanna know who was there? marty, vic, BUFFY, ALEX, AUSTIN (with his mohawk), ELIZabETH, and sooooooooooooooooo many other peoples. i cannot wait til tonight!! when i got out there buffy made me forget my first line! well not forget it, but i looked in the crowd and thought, there's buffy with marty and vic!! yay!! buffy!! ohhh crap! i'm sposed to say "one of em for 20 years!" damn! hahahaha. but i loved it all. bo braided my hair and now today it is all curlyish. it is so much fun during the wedding scene because while mollie's going on and on and on about the lovely wedding, me and cole and laine are just talking.... sposed to be going thru vows but it's hilarious-
me: she's not shutting up
cole: nope, never does
me: still not...
cole: she's crazy...
me: don't forget the ring on the left hand
cole: yeah yeah yeah
me: and you do
cole (louder): I DO.
then we all went to everybody's. or most of us. the vinnies went off to jake's with their venturing scouts. ;) me, chris, cole, mollie, megan, george, austin, thomas, reid, jack, laine, ben, sheridan, anna, melissa, matt, katie, katie, beth, and lots of parents... and it wasn't so crowded there!! so we pulled tons of tables together and had fun talking. i had a yummy city chicken sandwich with pesto, goat cheese, chicken, mushrooms, and spinach. mmmm! and this AWESOME dipping sauce. we hung out there from about 9:30 to 10:45 or so. while we were there, diane called megs on her cell and she held it up and we all screamed HI DIANE!!!! who is way out in CA! isn't that the coolest thing? thousands of miles away she could hear us. neato. then me and dad took laine home, came home and watched last night's "friends", oh my gosh, joey's french is one of the funniest things he has ever done. then i woke up around 10:30 this morning and had french toast and now this and i need to-
~do laundry
~clean room
and be at church again at 5:30. it's zesto's night!! i'm glad i'm back on blogger. :)

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