Saturday, January 03, 2004

8:32 pm
hallo, i did not write yesterday. today i woke up around 11ish and we went to borders' and i got "trickster's choice" by tamora pierce (about aly, alanna's daughter!! cooool), "ender's game" (shannon suggested it), and "court duel". AND the GQ issue with orlando on the cover... mmmmm. hehe. last night was fun, we went to bruce and joan's for B's bday party and we ate yummy food and cake and shannon and i talked books and we watched "will and grace" and "friends". anyway, back to today, after the bookstore we went to mick's and i had a salad and a club sandwich with fries and we ate pie at home mmm. spent most of the day reading "trickster" which was good but i hope she is planning to write a sequel cause the ending was fairly untied. but i like the character of aly. i want to reread "in the hands of the goddess", the 2nd alanna book, but it was the ONLY one that wasn't there today. hrmph. sooooooooo vacation is fast approaching the end. crap. but at least we don't have school on monday. i need to talk to amy... maybe i'll call her. dumdadummmm, and now i believe i shall go do something worthwhile like... respond to michael's email or finish writing my character sketch that i started on thursday. tomorrow is sunday and i will have to say goodbye to my dear david and other college folks. blah. that sucks. i really miss them when they are gone. i hope katie had a safe journey to s. a. and that all goes well for her and her open mind while she is there. got a letter from the ems! yayness. ok, goodnight.

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