Monday, January 05, 2004

8:24 pm
damn damn damn i do NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrowl. ok ok positive thoughts:
-friends there
-my not-so-new haircut
-i can pull up my hair!!
-have to miss practice anyway tomorrow
-chicken for lunch
-new semester, new grades
-good teachers
-1 day closer to being out of school!!
-in 2 weeks it's MLK wkend so no school
-i can sleep before then
-i can always come home and be with my family
that last one comforts me the most. last night at choir was good and then youth was fun too. talked new year's resolutions and david came. YAY! so i got to say goodbye without having to yell across the street. twas nice. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO AUSTIN and i was glad to see katie posted from south africa. yay! today has been lazy x 1000000000- watched lotsa tv and read boooks. it's been raining so that's good to do anyway. sooooooooo. i shall talk to yall later and HOPEFULLY i shall have a good good good day tomorrow. i realllllllly hope so.

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