Thursday, January 01, 2004

7:36 pm
HAPPY 2004!!!!!!!!
last night was fun: went to david & austin's party, twas loud and strobe lighty and disorienting but fun all the same. megs, katie, david a., chris, mike, etc. were present... the smiley face thing is strange!! then headed to megan's house which was great!! me, addy, allie, ems, and megs. we walked to the Ls house to get addy's square nalgene ;) and joan and larry were there too so we talked to them for a minute... and then we walked back home, and toasted each other with crush soda in champagne glasses!! i loved that, i thought it was wonderful. and we called up the molls with her wisdom teeth out and toasted her on speakerphone. that was fun too. then we dressed up in the snake outfits haha and took pictures.. can't wait to see those. and finally, watched times square and toasted in the new year with martenelli's. dennis and megs took me home around 1:15 or so and i slept til 10:30 this morning. mainly spent the morning cleaning out my desk which now looks very nice thank you very much. walked the dogs down the street but tansy wasn't willing to go far because mom was not there (strangely enough rusty the amblanimal was walking faster than usual). got back from the As a little while ago after eating lunch/dinner with them- pork, black eyed peas, collard greens, cornbread, rice, brownies, pumpkin bread... mmmm. barbara loaned me a really cool writing book called "bird by bird". it is very interesting and i can identify a lot with it. let's see, i haven't really tho't about new yr's resolutions, guess i should though...
1. to be courageous
2. to do one thing at a time and not get too stressed
3. to exercise
4. to eat yummy sugary stuff in moderation
5. to be kinder
6. to sleep more
7. to HAVE FUN
g'night all, happy new year!!

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