Monday, January 12, 2004

5:40 pm
aloha i do not have to go to practice today!!! heehee. cause open house is at the same time and mom and dad cannot get me there. gosh darn, too bad. heeheehee. ;) @ least our meet is tomorrow so we get it over with. although i pray i do not have much work cause it's @ CHS and it's a later one. tonight we are having pork tenderloin for dinner, mmmmmm yummness, i can smell it now... ahhh. last night was ok... very stressing. the youth peoples would not SHUT UP!!! megs and i and others were about to blow up. i came home and cried, sort of about that, more about school and how much pressure and work there is and i don't have a break and swimming and the play and blah blah blah... but then i felt a little better and slept and stuff. today was ok. ap world was note taking, we got our TRP (aka "twerp") topics, i am doing "england under cromwell" and i need to get to the library. the new student teacher looked fairly nervous/scared but i would be too if i were witnessing a flowers rant and not knowing what the hell was going on!! flowers is cool though. bryn stopped in! yay. chem i could barely keep my eyes open... aaagh that is bad. it's soooo boring but imp. cause i don't understand it as well as i'd like. yeesh god help me. french was good actually, we did DRMRSVANDERTRAMP and some funny plays. i am happy martha is in my row. lunch was good, i loooove sitting with lizzie and paul and nazia and martha, etc. just like last year! yeeha! hehe. english was fun and easy, megs and i were ice queens with our grading of this poor girls GHSHGT writing thing. one pair: 19 ms C: 18 us: 11... whoops. 65 on the whole. home... orthodonist... got one rubber band but it doesn't bother me. now i need to do WORK! fun fun fun.. peace guys

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