Thursday, January 15, 2004

5:20 pm
i really should get off in a few minutes to do my homework which mainly consists of studying... before play practice tonight. i am talking to kathleen!! yay! ahhh EVERYONE is getting livejournal... even the peoples from whom i heard about blogs from... like MOLLS. i will not switch til feb. 16 (if i do) bc that is the 2-yr anniversary of my blog and i will print out another year's worth and then i will be free to do whatever i choose... but not before 2-16. haha, i am so silly. today was fine. breakfast club was good, yummy shortstack. in AP WH we kept watching "elizabeth" which rocks... i looove good historical movies. chem we went over stuff for the test tomorrow, i think i will do ok (hope so). french- fun, i enjoy it a lot. the game for review was HILARIOUS! stuff fell on lauren and she tho't the sky was falling, and everyone was agonizing over this one ? and jo and i were wondering too but we finally figured it out and she just walked up to the board and wrote it calmly and mme put up a point and everyone freaked! hehe. english was great, i am so excited about writing my poem!!! i know EXACTLY what i'm doing it on... but i want it to sound really good. i am writing it about someone who has given me something of great value. not a material possession either. very, very important to moi. hah, my horoscope says today i will be deeply depressed... well, not as of this moment! hopefully never. PEACE OUT love you all v. much.

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