Monday, January 19, 2004

5 til 5 pm
aloha. today was nice, a day off!! last night we went over to marty and vic's and watched "pirates" on the huge projector screen in the basement! twas v. cool. so today i woke up, hung out, watched tv, ate a swiss cheese sandwich, etc... read my world history book, walked the dogs, waited for my AP WH group to show but only andy did cause apparently R's sick and N just couldn't come... whatever. i hate group work. not the people, i just prefer individual work SO MUCH BETTER. aw well. megs should be here soon to do chemistry and eat dinner. talking to mary ann at the momento... i miss RoTK. hehe. oh, and finished my english poem but also have another to write before thursday. yeeeesh. this is a busy week but it is my last swimming week-- good + bad. good = more time for hw and play practices bad = less exercise and more time for cookies... uh oh. hehe. ok i must do something constructive... PEACE
happy MLK JR day
remember him and
love your neighbor


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