Wednesday, January 07, 2004

4:35 pm
YO dudes~~
what is up my homefries? ha. today was better than yesterday i must admit. ap world was good- i only missed 1 on that quiz!! heehee.. although i was sleepy. chemistry was-boring, frankly. but hopefully it'll get better and be ok. french was easy mainly- we are reviewing with games and such. lunch ROCKED! because paul is in it!!! and lizzie and maggie and nazia and martha. eeeeeeeee! the crazy, laughing people back together again for another spring semester! i love it, they crack me up. english was good too- that is my favorite class, it's a good end of the day. i am home and just finished drinking yummy earl grey tea and i have to go to swimming in 2 hrs or so (groooooooooan but oh well shall be good for moi)... don't have much homework. tomorrow is breakfast club!!! i am reading an elijah wood interview on i need to see RoTK again. dadeedaaaaa. it is FREEEEEEEEZING outside. sooo cold. cancel school cancel school!! hehe. well @ least it's wednesday. bye yall
ps. auditions last night were FUN!!!!!!!!!!! readings went well, it was fun and strange to "grow up" by walking and miming. molls came! yay! almost happy bday to her. and megs and allie.. ahh my silly girls. BYEeeeeeeeeee

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