Tuesday, January 06, 2004

4:35 pm
well it was ok. it was the LONGEST DAY EVER though. got there and we were all standing outside freeeezing to death. then we went to homeroom and sat there for awhile complaining about being there... and got our schedules. i have 1st- flowers (whoo hoo, get it over with! hehe) 2nd- chem (ms. T seems nice, extreemely partial to chemistry, this is a "prepare for college" course apparently) 3rd- francais 3 (love mme J but forgot lots and annoying cliqueness) B lunch with lizzie, that crowd, plus paul!!! yay!! 4th pd- lit with ms. C which is always enjoyable to me. so i have my two more preferable classes last which isn't too bad. i had to run from the 200 hall to my locker in the n. bldg then to my bus which is always the last one so i was afraid i would not have time but i did. phew. and auditions are tonight so i get to skip practice wheeeeeeee! none of us want to go to practice for swimming. we all want it to be over. which it will be by this time in a month thank GOD. ahhhh. good peoples in classes though, mainly the same. i like my english class best i think. i am drinking loverly red tea. at least today is tuesday instead of monday like it feels. it's finally cold outside!! PEACE & LOVE

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