Sunday, January 11, 2004

4:15 pm
hi! today was fun. went to the 8:30 service and fred craddock was sposed to preach but he didn't know apparently so he didn't show up and wesley did one on the fly! hehe. megs and i were looking back and forth at each other grinning. then we went to starbucks w/ molls and emmy and di and kirsten, etc. for mollie's late bday breakfast. fun fun fun yummy. we reminisced about those very memorable youth council elections with "it's getting a little HOT in here..." tied on. then daddy and i went to Donn Ann's church where kathleen was preaching. elizabeth and helen were there and so was cynthia!!! eeee! yay. and megs and kirsten came too. it was a great sermon and she mentioned us!!! heeheee i feel verrry special. i took a nap in the sun when i got home and did some more homework and listened to "rent" and such. last night dad and i went to see LoTR for the 3rd time... ahhh i looooooooove it sooo much!! it is so wonderful. the music is exquisite and i adore the annie lennox song. tonight in a few minutes actually is choir and youth. fun fun fun. :) soooo byee guys, much love

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