Sunday, January 18, 2004

3:14 pm
i didn't get to write yesterday orrr friday but all weekend has been fine. and it's not over!! :-D friday was a good day at school and then i came home and watched tv and megan came over and brought the new year's pictures!! and we watched "chicago". and daddy got home from CA, finally. on saturday, i cleaned up a little and relaxed and went to the mall and the library to get books and pictures developed. got about 43 pictures for $15 at wolf and they are wonderful!!! one of my favorite things in the entire world is getting new pictures developed. and the digital camera way is so neat. we also browsed in walden's. came home, rode on the windtrainer for about 10 minutes, showered quickly and then went to the grill with nana, PP, dad, mom, and mase. yummy food as usual. dropped mase @ Z's house, rented the old "parent trap" at blockbuster and watched at home, also the britcoms. this morning i met molls at starbucks for breakfast and we met megan and walked to SS. had a crazy debate- mollie vs. this 8th grader, it was enjoyable and interesting and just plain... unable for words. church was looong but fine. lots of peoples are on the ski retreat. now i am home and want to call marty and vic. and i want to get a livejournal. hrmm. no school demain!! oh yeah, and play read thru on thurs. night was great. laura and laura are excellent mothers!
all hail the narrators;)

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