Sunday, January 04, 2004

2:33 pm
damn i hate it when college folks go back. i miss them so much. i liked it a lot better when they weren't college folk. that has been a long time ago now. talking to allie and ellen, which is really good. i haven't talked to LN in such a loooong time. went to starbucks, SS, and church. SS was fun- me, cole, allie, molls, george, nathan, robby, ben, ben, david, etc. good discussions. church was good too. had to yell goodbye to david cause he was already walking across the street. then ate lunch with NN and PP at panera and PP brought me home. went on a walk with doggies and now this. i need to write more. godspeed to all my sisters and brothers leaving. choir and youth tonight, then no school tomorrow... phew. love,

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