Sunday, January 25, 2004

2:13 pm
hola, what is up my homefries? it is a COLD, WET, RAINY day here. fun fun you know it, esp. when i am wearing clogs for church. excellent choice, clairey. ah well. went to starrrbucks and got a chai latte and a croissant, went to the sanctuary and practiced "balm in gilead" which we sang for the 10:50. i DEFINITELY have a cold. whoooo hoooo. well @ least the play is not a musical. although i do miss COE- good times!! today in his sermon, wesley was talking about adam naming the animals and allie turned around to me and said, "let's play a game." HAHAHA! the line that austin used to freak buffy out of her right mind, i enjoyed that thoroughly. i miss all my class of 03ers. ooooh mary ann quoted me on her profile!!

"The other day I was going to present and I asked him if he had any overhead pens and he started getting them all out of his desk so I took one and then he just kept finding more and stacking them on my desk for the WHOLE period, laughing maniacally to himself.
- Claire on Coach Flowers"

eehee i feel special. that WAS funny. yesterday i mainly cleaned, did some homework, and wrote some more of "casey". i really like where it's going. it is so much fun to write because i feel like it has a purpose but i do not really know what. and i love keeping my present-day college folk alive in their high school sense. i just wish i could do them justice more than i end up doing. jenny frasier ROCKS my world. cough cough cough. bllaaah, scratchy throat. thank goodness this coming week is not as busy as last week. on monday i have a writers' circle mtg. apres l'ecole, and maybe swimming. on tuesday i have NOTHING!!!! bc i do not have to be @ practice, yay. on wednesday i am going to see molls & george, etc. in "into the woods". i have warned them that i will be singing along, hopefully not too loudly. i love that musical. mollie still needs to give me back my cd of it, whoops. on thursday i have no play practice so maybe i will go to stunt nite. i really should since friday is BILLY BROWN!!! eeeeeee!! yay. the only bad part is that megs cannot come!!! noooo. i adore my megs. and emmy, and molls, and allie, and addy, etc. etc. oooooh tomorrow is MARTY'S BDAY!!! i know what i want to get her. but i haven't gotten it yet. *drip drop drip drop* lotsa rain outside. went to the club w/ the family, very yummy. mmm veggie lasagna. i have RENT stuck in my head. i really should work on AP WH stuff cause i have 2 essays and a test this week... but i want to work on casey's story. so maybe i shall do that for awhile. love you all tres muchos.

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