Saturday, January 24, 2004

10:55 am
good morning to all you fine folk out there. yeesh my glasses are dirty, i may have to clean them one of these minutes/hours/days. anyway, i have NOT blogged very much this week at all, it has been tres ocupee. very busy to those of you who do not parler francais. wanna know what i had to do? ok
monday- school off
tuesday- school, lots of work, wrote a kick-ass non-sonnet (i usually don't utilize the certain term but in this case i believe that it deserves it) b/c i tho't it was gonna be a sonnet but then i realized i wrote too much, so really it's a lyric poem; went to 15 minutes of swim practice, then had to leave for play practice so it was really a waste of time... went to play practice, didn't practice the play, just played drama games which are fun... went home and worked.
wednesday- school, normal stuff, i adore french and english, AP WH and chem aren't that bad either, just all together = helluva lotta work. but i can manage je pense. anyway, had a pat appt. apres l'ecole, then went home and worked some, then went to the swim meet @ LHS vs. DHS. twas pretty good, came home and had to deal with doing more AP WH group work and went to bed at 11:40... not fun. WHY DO I ALWAYS WORK MYSELF UP INTO OBLIVION OVER STUPID SCHOOL???
thursday- yummy breakfast club, then went to the dreaded 1st pd and presented our group presentation--- went a LOT better than expected, we did well!!! ahhh sweet relief. the rest of the day was good too. in english we critiqued peoples' anonymous poems and cean said that my free verse one really made him think of his sister... that made me feel great then went to the drama club mtg. to hear about musical auditions- i don't think i'll end up doing it but i wanted to know more. then NN picked me up, we went to the college library to see a movie about civil rights, twas verrry good and interesting. then we went to her house so i could send the french script to AJ, then to panera for dinner. then she dropped me off at the YAAB for rehearsal. it was just the stage managers and we figured out some key stuff. lots of people have bad colds, i think i am catching one but it's not horrible. then came home and watched "will and grace".
yesterday- kappa meeting, good school day, ms. R's room, swim meet, megs came over, we watched movies, etc.
today- i can't believe a yr ago i started rewriting "casey"!!! yay!!! and it was a day off and i hung with megs.
mase needs to get on, byebye

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