Sunday, December 21, 2003

9:45 pm
NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!! ahhhhh yesss. today was fun. went to church and SS- david the non-teenager was there!!! yay i love seeing him. and robert and his gf and chris were all there too. so we all sat upstairs like old times, yay. wesley's sermon was Realllllllly long though. it was so much fun being with my big brothers, i miss them when they are gone. i cannot wait for xmas eve!! i made more presents today. i came home from church and took a loong sunny nap which was good. also read more of RoTK. and then went to mollie's xmas party and then daniella's. it was fun, me and her and maggie were talking all about the movie. then we went to choir. and katie, molls, and myself practiced the trio. it sounds really good i think. then we went to youth and went caroling at WW except ems, megs, A, addy, mase, and other peoples got left behind @ the yaab!! whoops. they met us at ben's house later though. then came home and finished listening to "rent". very good musical. took me almost a year to listen to it. i like my hair a lot. goodnight.

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