Thursday, December 04, 2003

9:29 pm
ooohhh basement party reunion for new years??? heck yeah!!!!! haha. 3 weeks from today is xmas day and 2 weeks from tomorrow is the last day of school and RETURN OF THE KING DAY!!!!!! yeeeehah!!! can ya tell i am excited? hehe. today was yummy breakfast club and then went to school in the miserable, wet, freezing weather. saw "stacey's mom" music video! funny funny. megs and mason's song, heehee. math was pretty good, i ALWAYS laugh there! AP world was fine, more ERP presentations. art was fine, finished my one print and then sat around and talked. probably should've read econ but oh wellza... lunch was lunch. love lizzie and them. got checked out of 4th pd cause i have a cold (woke up at 3 am with my throat sore) and so i watched some tv and rested. then went to the swim meet. as always, it's a joke to swim lakeside but fun anyway cause i know so many peoples. megs and LK came and hung with masey and me. vic and marty were there, my dear ones. saw annie too. and others. swam pretty good, it's just nice that it's over. tomorrow i can hopefully get thru school and then get home and enjoy myself with a fire and movies and stuff. ahhhhhhhh fridays. gotta love em. GOODNIGHT!!!

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