Friday, December 05, 2003

7:27 pm
friday, thank god. thank god. i need it. today was a sniffy and sore nose day. i truly have a cold, but thankfully it seems to be just in the head, not the lungs. school was normal, i was just trying to make it through the day. we watched "the princess bride" in art, i hadn't seen that movie in 4 years. i love it when wesley comes back. and i remember @ glisson, that was lindsey's joke with some other counselor- AAASS YOOOOU WIIIIIISH. hehe. anyway, it is again cold and miserable outside. but even nicer that i have nothing to do this evening. came home, ate muffins, watched 2nd half of Fellowship of the ring. it's so good, 2 weeks from today i will be sooo excited to go see return of the king. yessssss. then watched the classic "seinfeld"- probably my favorite episode: elaine's dancing, george is a "bad seed", "death blow" and jerry's turn as a bootlegger, george getting arrested and mr. costanza- YA WANNA A PIECE O ME?? YOU GOT IT!!!! we are having salmon and mashed potatoes (sam: Po-ta-toes!) for dinner and we rented "pirates o/ the caribbean" and "bruce almighty". tomorrow morning father and i are going to folk advent which should be cool. then in the afternoon it is xmas decorating with NN dearest. "it's beginning to look a lot like christmas..." i will be so happy in 2 weeks when david, austin, katie, diane, and all of them are home and we can have fun and relax and reminisce and be happy. goodbye for now. love,

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