Monday, December 15, 2003

5:11 pm
my silly brother wants to talk to me. but i wanna talk to him too. if he will start the conversation.... hehe. i am talking to allison. today was fine. i cannot wait for the weekend though. NO FINALS (ha i wish). groan. but- NO PRACTICE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! yay. ooh i am sooo proud of myself, yall, i made the BEST xmas presents for allie, megs, chris, claire, and emmy!! yay. but i cannot tell them here of course. advent service went well last night. 2 DAYS TIL ROTK!!!!!!! eeeeeeeee! and college peoples are coming home.... ahhhhhhh! happyness beyond beliefs. if i can do well on the math test tomorrow that would be great... g2g study!! love,

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