Tuesday, December 16, 2003

5 pm
3 DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! today felt like it should be wednesday, definitely. i cannot wait til breakfast club on thursday just because... i dunno. COLLEGE PEOPLE WILL BE HOME STARTING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeee!!!! (that is my new excitement phrase, if ya didn't notice). and the paper gave RoTK an A! yessssssssss. amy and robby and all those lucky peoples (oh and katie) get to see it tonight!!! :-D nooo fair! although i would prefer to be awake for the showing. friday, here i come! i love ms. ross. she rocks my face off. speaking of which, i haven't talked to rebekah in a long time. hrm. i got an 82 on my math test- i felt really good about it and at least i understand it all. LK gave me really yummy food for xmas and i ate way too much of that chocolate matza, stomachache... whoops. i love emailing michael, nearly 4 years of emails. dang. oh yea, and we caught saddam. whoo hoo. i wonder what we are mangeing for le diner? (eating for dinner en francais) someone's watch is beeping. i have "hark the herald angels sing" stuck in my head. i feel like helena or eowyn... longing for love but not having it there. well not really LONGING but i still can relate to them. BYEEEEEEEEEEEE darlings

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