Tuesday, December 02, 2003

4:46 pm
yawn. challenge extended, accepted, and acted on... and now i wait and overanalyze. whoo hoo.
last night at swim practice was HARD. not truly looking fwd. to tonight's but oh well, i spose i can deal and like mum said: nothing bad will come of me being on swim team (except i feel sucky for about an hour). we did 50s on 50, 55, 1:00, and 1:05. ahhck they were horrible. i hate flip turns. anyways. LHS meet will be fun, lemme tell ya. really. ;)
ughh allie is not responding to my IM. allison i must tell you something!!! hehe.
anyway, i am v. happy i presented my ERP and got it over w/. math was funny. i laugh so much in that class, i'm gonna miss it. we got progress reports and i have all As except i got a 58 on my stupid math quiz so that'll probably bring my 90 down a little. that discourages me cause i wanted to keep the A. hopefully i can get in back in 13 days. in AP world we viewed ERPs. in art i did my math hw. at lunch we talked. in SAT prep we... did math stuff, aw dang i have a test in there tomorrow. groan. then i came home and have been singing "riu, riu, chiu" and drinking tea and eating pumpkin bread. and i have practice in like an hour and a half. so off to do other stuff and wait for allie to come back.... A.... cmon! :)
love yall
13 DAYS!!!

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