Wednesday, December 10, 2003

4:35 pm
last night the french club dinner was really yummy and fun. my meal only cost $19!! hehe. chicken stuffed with leeks and goat cheese... mmmm. and zucinni, rice, carrots... and great warm bread and real butter... and chocolate mousse for dessert. perfection. i needed a good meal. we have practice today, groan. but it won't be too bad i don't think because tomorrow we have a meet AND friday also. i cannot wait for the weekend. on saturday i am going to: relax, read, watch tv, bake, shop for presents, clean my room, and rest my voice... because sunday is a big day too. and i have no homework today! cause we were busy taking that stupid economics end of course test that i did not do well on. haha. it was funny though. poor ms. ross, she had to put up with the matts for several periods today. tomorrow is breakfast club. i need to call peoples for the advent service. emailing laura. it is miserable and cold and windy outside and i would rather not go anywhere. i love "an old-fashioned girl". such a good book. PEACE

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