Tuesday, December 09, 2003

4:32 pm
all of my dear reader peoples out in internetland will be happy to know i am feeling better today. i woke up a little late so had to rush to get out the door but i think the math quiz went well and there was laughter today so that always helps. and swim practice was cancelled which helps a WHOLE lot. tonight i think i shall go to the french club dinner. mmm yummy. i need good food. since the topic of guys is not the best in the world, let's think of guys that are awesome!!
my favorite movie guys of all time (this can refer mainly to looks or personality or whatever i want it to b/c it is MY LIST):
~theodore lawrence (christian bale) in "little women"
~jack kelly (christian bale) in "newsies"
~will turner (orlando bloom) in "pirates of the caribbean"
~jack dawson (leo dicaprio) in "titanic"
~aragorn elessar (viggo mortensen) in "LoTR"
~meriadoc brandybuck (dominic monaghan) in "LoTR"
i will think of more later. hehe. BYEeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i love thinking of what to buy peoples for xmas.
what should i get the irish ascendants????...hrm

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