Wednesday, December 17, 2003

4:30 pm
2 DAYS! i swear today felt like thursday! this week is going soooo dang sloooow. if i can get thru my math final tomorrow morning and do well, i will have nearly nothing to do for the rest of the week!! easy art final and no SAT prep one. heeheehee. and the AP one does not count. WNS tonight, i am singing and molls is apparently sick... noooooo! keep her safe god. robby says that he can never go see another movie because he will just be disappointed after seeing RoTK at midnight. oooooh i am soooooooo excited!!!!!! eeeeeee! i need to finish getting presents, dude. tonight at WNS is the cute little 4 yr old xmas pagaent.. i was the archangel!! yay. and allie was mary and george was joseph. and i think mollie was a wisewoman, hehe. A WEEK TIL XMAS EVE! and i believe david is coming home today... and diane tomorrow! happy happy joy joy. love yall

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