Saturday, December 20, 2003

3:45 pm
wow, that is one helluva long post from last night. today i woke up around 7:45 and went to eat breakfast with mom at the crescent moon. then we went and got our hair cut. i like my short hair... eeee... surprises for all of you out there come tomorrow. well, church peoples that is. I CAN'T WAIT to see my college folks!! speaking of which, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!!!! my dearest big brother is no longer a teenager, aaack. hehe. anyway, i came home from the hair place and cleaned my room and listened to "rent" and then i read RoTK downstairs (see now i can imagine it in my head differently which is cool and i was reading more in detail about minas tirith) and finally fell asleep on the sunny sofa. paradise. woke up, ate some of the yummy eggs with herbs, cream cheese, and salmon that i had for breakfast and also homemade oreos, and came up here. dad and i are going to the camera place soon. tonight i need to continue with presents.
yesterday at school was fun. in math we danced and laughed a LOT as usual and i took pictures and we watched the "milkshake" video... tres bizarre. i am soooo going to miss that class. what a wonderful way to start the day. and then in ap world we took our "Final" and i got a 64!!! haha. note: the highest grade in the class was 68 (out of 100). b/c it doesn't count and nobody studied. we had fun talking afterwards and melissa was absolutely DELIGHTED with her "one and only oreos oh oh oh" heehee yay. in art we watched "aladdin". at lunch me and LK and megs hung out with rossy and i ate chocolate. and in fourth period we played GHSGT bingo!!! oohhhh how exciting, yeah right. then came home and twas tres heureuse parce que PAS DE L'ECOLE POUR DEUX SEMAINES!!! eeeee! love yall much

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