Thursday, December 18, 2003

3:40 pm
yesssss mommy checked me out early!!!! heeheehee. cause all we were doing in SAT prep was reading and "studying" for finals, hahah. anyway i am glad today is over and that it is FINALLY friday tomorrow!!!!! breakfast club was yummy, the math final was ok... took all period but i finished it at least. then worked on the annoying econ ledger case study which i kinda did by punching in numbers and also lots and lots of estimating. whatever. in art it was funny cause he apparently doesn't believe in having a final in an art class but the county requires it so he said "if you have your study guides, use them cause it's the exact same thing." so we copied down answers for about 5 minutes and then watched "shrek". good movie. i'll miss being with michael and jazz next semester... they've been awesome. maybe i shall bake something for them. poor molls, i hope hope hope she is feeling better... also about daphne, that is so sad. she was such a pretty dog. megs is going to get diane now!!! eeeeeeee! my alto matriarch, i have missed her soo... xmas is in a week! and we get to go see LoTR TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! happiness!!! ok bye, i am really excited (could ya not tell???)! love you all verrry much so

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