Sunday, December 28, 2003

3:22 pm
this is something that has been on both mollie's and katie's journals. so here it is on mine, yay! :) the bold things are what i had in common with katie and the others are stuff i just wrote about myself
The rules are simple:
1. Copy this whole list (and these three rules) into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I think I have nice eyes
02. I love reading, and still love children's books
03. I love Harry Potter
04. I love music
05. I still get excited about fleece

06. I love surprise parties
07. I'm near sighted and need glasses
08. I hate people who TypE LyKe D1s.
09. I've been on a canoing/camping trip
10. I prefer thick crust to thin crust pizza

11. I'm fine with 5’6 but when my bro gets taller than me, I’ll hate it
12. Driving makes me nervous
13. I will never get a tatoo
14. I love solitaire
15. I find it hard to relate to people my own age sometimes, I always feel different from the crowd
16. I only shop for clothes once or twice a year
17. Politics confuses me
18. I like looking at other peoples photographs
19. I wish I could write well like the authors I love

20. I love it when all of my college friends come home
21. Christmas is my favorite holiday
22. I tape the Academy Awards every single year
23. I am a perfectionist but I try not to be and it doesn’t always work
24. I like to be told what to do, but then to have freedom to do it
25. I'm always surprised that I've made it this far

26. I believe that I can find family outside of my own family
27. I want to come back home to live after college
28. I love writing letters
29. Well, I pretty much love writing anything except school-related stuff
30. I don’t own any two piece bathing suits and never have
31. I love privacy, but I need a support group close by, preferably in the same building (family and dorm-mates are both good)
32. I have a powerful sweet tooth.

33. I hate change
34. I'm amazingly blessed to still have three grandparents
35. I adore Lord of the Rings
36. I love my sleep but don’t care to get enough of it
37. Athens pizza is a wonderful thing
38. Starbucks is better than Caribou
39. I'm messy when I don't have free time, but then I go crazy and clean
40. I want to know that I am loved by those that I love- otherwise I worry that they don’t love me
41. keeping in touch with people is one of my prime goals
42. I am unique, of course
43. I love Christmas at Glenn- I would never want to be anywhere else
44. I do not own a cell phone
45. I think the best part about having a car will be being able to sing by myself
46. I go crazy without contact with other people
47. I love each season for different things
48. Epworth-by-the-Sea is one of my favorite places in the entire world
49. I love chai
50. and sitting round a fire talking, or in bed talking until you're too tired to talk anymore
51. I always feel like I can do better but convince myself that I did my best
52. I've never broken a bone
53. I have been in the hospital for pneumonia and out of school for 3 weeks
54. I have lived in Washington State
55. I like doing things on my own
56. I am scared about leaving home permanently
57. I procrastinate
58. I am drinking Fresca
59. I cried so hard the first time I saw “Return of the King”
60. I love to cry when I need to
61. I have been to both Ireland and England
62. I have sung in a world premiere of a song by a composer I know very well
63. I am an ALTO!
64. my youth group has been the profound changing force in my life for 3 ½ yrs
65. I dream often but hardly ever remember
66. I sing anything I know the words to
67. I have been quoted on someone’s AIM profile!! 
68. I have a brother
69. I am on the swim team
70. I like to play cards
71. I hate coffee but I love chilled coffee in any form with lots of sugar
72. I spend nearly all my money on getting film developed
73. I have many questions about my faith
74. I'm an introvert- INFJ meyers-briggs
75. I believe completely in God
76. I taught myself to type really fast
77. I never cared about any of the characters I created for stories until I put my friends in them
78. I have never dyed my hair
79. I feel like I need to have more academic discipline than I do
80. I’ve learned that I can move on from bad stuff
81. I'm indecisive
82. I always read what I've written back to myself
83. I love the fact that I have nearly 8 days left of break
84. I get along really well with my parents
85. I love my Adidas sandals more than any other shoe
86. I'm female
87. I used to be a Girl Scout but not anymore
88. I don't smoke
89. I don't have rhythm, even though I pretend to
90. I waste time and I hate it

91. “When Harry Met Sally” is one of my top favorite movies of all time
92. I like to bake
93. Being with my friends and family is probably my favorite thing ever
94. but I also love to be alone and think or sing or dance or just sit
95. my parents are my alarm clock
96. I have a really hard time getting to sleep at night
97. I love traveling
98. I think teenagers who drink and do drugs are complete idiots but I would like to help them
99. Sunday is my favorite day of the week
100. I am done with this survey now

today i went to starbucks and mollie, megs, AND allie were there!!! we talked all through sunday school about old times and current situations and it was a lot of fun. and we decided that TONIGHT we are having a girls' nite at megan's!!! eeeeeee! movies, make up, dress up, etc. and i shall bring the camera. :-) verrry exciting. church- sat with katie, david, molls, george, rob, chris, mase, and hamp. chris and rob and mason stared at me a lot. silly brothers. katie is leaving on friday!! ahhh! i will miss her!! went to NN and PP's for chili with steve and then came home, walked the dogs, and now this.. yay. love

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