Monday, December 29, 2003

3:13 pm
last night was fun!!!! well, first my family and i went to willy's. then they dropped me off @ megan's and went to go see RoTK but that's ok, i will go see it this week again. heehee. anyway, me, megs, allie, addy, and mollie had a foot bath with bath beads and foot scrub and stuff!!! and then we walked to mollie's uncle's house to get really rich leftover cake with bourbon in it. then we went back and began to watch "freaky friday"... emmy came over too! wow, "FF" was a great movie!!! the guy- chad michael murray as we were all happy to find out- is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fine! hahaha. that is definitely what girls' nights out/in are for. then we painted nails and talked and went outside for awhile and talked to malcolm and this other guy who was walking his dog, miles. molls had to leave cause she got her wisdom teeth out today, yuck... good luck my mollie!! then we came inside and watched "the lizzie mcguire movie" which was really cute but obviously impossible and corny but i liked it... it is SO SWEET how gordo likes lizzie!!! we were all sighing over it and were like "i want a gordo!" (aka a guy who is our best friend completely and who we can talk to about anything) and di got to meet him!! hehe. ;) then we went to megan's room and talked til like 3:30 in the morning. slept, woke around 10ish today and i came home and cleaned and watched "10 things i hate about you" and went for a walk around the track. good stuff. today is rusty's birthday!!! he is 5!! or 35 in human yrs rather. :) love,

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