Saturday, December 20, 2003

10:50 pm
holy crap. damn, damn, damn.
dear mr. peter jackson,
thank you ETERNALLY for making 3 amazing movies that have impacted me so much.
i am still trying to stop crying after viewing your final magnificent achievement.
it's over. it's over, i don't want it to be over.
ok if you don't want to know anything about RoTK or are just sick of hearing about it, skip this next group of sentences (sounds familiar, eh? i did this last yr too, hehe):
wow. i think that's all i can say for awhile. wow x 100000000000 infinity. at first, i thought it was really depressing. well, i mean, it is. starting off with smeagol and deagol was a great idea though. giving andy serkis screen time as himself... and letting everyone see the HELL that gollum went through for the first years of his torture/confinement with the ring. very disturbing yet affecting. elijah wood is exquisite... and those blue eyes NEVER stop glowing!! it is so sad to see him go from the young, happy hobbit reading in the shire when gandalf the grey pulls up, singing, to the burdened, hurt, exhausted, mean gollum-like creature he becomes with the ring. but i cannot get too ahead of myself. sam is his caretaker. so much so much so much. as frodo said in TTT "frodo wouldn't have got far without sam". and he's so right. he would have died, either by starvation/tiredness or by shelob or gollum. sam is so strong and he didn't care about the consequences for him, just his mr. frodo and getting everything back to normal. and he did it. when he comes bounding in after shelob winds frodo in the stuff, ahhhhhhhhh the whole audience applauded!!! (several times during the movie i might say, but still) such a dear, loyal friend, no one could ever ask for better. i hate hate hate it that theoden dies. he was so good and bright and calm and strong. and he had just regained his own strength in his kingdom. but he died a strong death and eowyn was with him. eowyn- I AM NO MAN!!!!!! hell yeah!!!! she is gorgeous and soooo brave. the hobbits are amazing- merry and pippin... such great warriors, no nerves or worries at all, although they do cry and get upset. ya know, i am mainly babbling but i would like to get my feelings out now while they are fresh... oh so fresh. aragorn is just plain... aragorn!! he is wonderful, so strong and kingly and FINE! hahaha. poor eowyn. but she finds faramir, too bad they couldn't show more of that. i swear, john noble (aka denethor) looks JUST like the grinch!!! the way his lips curl.. when pippin sang him a song while he was eating and faramir was riding in the suicide mission, it was so graceful and elegant and sad. denethor loved faramir it seemed... but he showed it in the wrong way, and why could he have not told him so instead of trying to burn him to death when he was still alive???? idiot. it was very cool how he ran from the hall on fire and fell off the cliff. i actually liked that better than the book's interpretation. gollum is soooo mean turning frodo against sam!!! they climb so high up cirith ungol and morgol vale, minas morgul... yeesh. the witch-king was freaky too. too bad they didn't have the time when gandalf faces him and then the rohirrim come. that was actually the first time i cried. when the rohirrim got to the pelennor fields and theoden gave them a pep talk and they all rode into the sun with the rohan theme blaring and it was just so powerful. the paths of the dead was cool too... cool dead peoples. gooooo aragorn!! i think that was the first time he was majorly a king. shelob was FREAKY!!! how she just snuck up on frodo like that!!! ahhhhck. he looked so gross and pale when he was wrapped up. yuck. he went through so much, poor mr. frodo. legolas is so regal, as mom put it. gimli is still funny and still indignant of his dwarfishness. poor arwen.. such hard choices. but liv tyler is gorgeous, and i love it that she turned back and saw that vision of aragorn with their son. eowyn and merry ROCK for killing the witch king. the pelennor fields was glorious. i'm glad they made theoden know that eowyn was there because he didn't know she was in the book. and how they reforged narsil. and stuff.... and gandalf is just brilliant and ian mckellen has the best smile and laugh. minas tirith was beautiful. it was gorgeously done and portrayed. i had never really imagined it that way but it definitely worked. and the tension grew and grew and grew... because the troops all got to the fields of cormallen in front of the black gate and they had turned the eye away from frodo and sam (interruption: i did NOT realize that the eye MOVED!!! whoa!!! but it makes sense, doesn't it? whoops clairey) and the music was growing and i burst into tears again when sam said he couldn't carry the ring for frodo but he could carry him. it is probably one of the most important and powerful relationships in all of literature (and movie) history. and sauron (the eye, really) called aragorn by name- "elessar"... and all is quiet and he turns and goes: FOR FRODO!!!!!!! wow, sob city. and then the WONDERFUL end (well, one of the ends) where frodo fails... he puts on the ring and he is not sweet frodo anymore. he is like sauron, like gollum, like isildur. and then thank god for gollum. he did have some part to play, for good and ill, but for the most, good. he died and fell into the lava and was put out of his misery forever. that makes me happy. and frodo and sam sit together and frodo says "i'm happy that you're with me, here at the end of all things, samwise gamgee." and barad-ur crumbles to the ground and the nazgul explode and pippin and merry and gimli are yelling FRODO!!!!!!! so happily and then orodruin explodes and they are all so upset. and then gwaihir and the eagles come to mount doom and gandalf is there and they pick up the hobbits and take them away.... ohhhh so happy. and then.. i think this may have been my favorite part. well, at least i was crying lots of tears of joy mainly. frodo wakes up, sort of like he did in rivendell. but it's even BETTER because he's looking up at gandalf... whom he thought was DEAD!!!!!! eeeeeeeeee! and gandalf laughs and frodo laughs and grins and then merry and pippin race in and then gimli (happily, joyously, like a hobbit, hehe) and then the extremely hot and fine and devine legolas and ARAGORN and finally- SAM!!!! oh wow i was bawling. magnificence in every way, shape, or form. and then- aragorn's crowning. he sang, he sang! and he passed eowyn and faramir smiling, and eomer (who is hot too may i say) and then he saw LEGOLAS who is sooo damn fine (i will never stop saying that) and then- elrond!! and behind him- the evenstar!! (finalement, undomiel!!) and they look at each other and they come closer and then he swoops her into his arms and... true love, true love. (wistful sigh**) and they turn to meriadoc, peregrin, samwise, and frodo. and they bow to the king and queen. and aragorn says, in his best voice ever. "my friends... YOU BOW TO NO ONE." and then all of gondor bows to the four hobbits of the shire, the halflings who no one thought would ever amount to much. they saved the world and they deserve every bow they get. one thing i didn't really like was how they completely cut off the rest of the fellowship after that. although i know it would take a lot longer. oh well. still it's in the book. the shire!! how gorgeous to see it again. i missed it. it was great how sam got out of his seat to go see rosie and how they got married. and... it does break my heart truly that frodo has to go to the havens. it really hurts. because to me, it's not like he will see merry and pippin and those who do not go to the havens (and sam does, later) ever again... not even in heaven. because he is not going to heaven. he is going to a real place, the havens. merry, pippin, aragorn... they all die real deaths. and elrond and arwen too- elrond goes to the havens, arwen will die. so their partings are til the ending of the world. though frodo could not have stayed in middle earth. like he said- he saved it. but not for himself. the havens are glorious. it's what i wish heaven were like. and then sam walked home and got to see rosie and elanor and his baby and said "well, i'm back." and closed the yellow door.
and i cried so hard. i cried because damn, it's OVER!!!!!!!!! over forever and ever. next christmas we will not get to go see a lord of the rings movie. the story is done. and maggie and lauren came over to me and thank god, maggie was crying too which made me feel better. and this woman next to us, who was extreemely nice, came and sat next to us and was crying too. and so it was a very big emotional release in many ways and now i need to sleep... because i am getting a haircut fairly early in the morning.
but- NO SCHOOL TIL 04!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the road goes ever on and on
back to the door where it began
now far ahead the road has gone
let all those follow it who can
-JRR tolkien- a master of masterpieces and many other things


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