Thursday, December 11, 2003

10:10 pm
yaaaaaaaaaawn. TGIFTGIFTGIF!!!!!!!!! but first another swim meet.... groan. tonight's was easy, i only swam in 2 events. nana came for the second half. then i came home and showered and ate minstrone and watched "friends", etc.... i'm sleepy. and i need to get up early for french club tomorrow. but there will be food. yumm. today breakfast club was yummy and fun. alex was there. yay! we can't get rid of her, hehe. next week, there is no excuse for david or austin not to be there. or buffy for that matter, mainly. they probably won't show though, but they should. i can't wait for the holidays!!! 6 days of school left!!!! eeee! but i will miss ms. ross verrrry much. i do and i don't want next semester to come. it'll be hard but i need a change. this weekend shall be a fun one. it is cold and nasty outside but this afternoon the sky was absolutely GORGEOUS, a perfect blue. i need to go shopping this weekend. i also need to: relax, rest my voice, eat, bake, watch tv, clean, etc. etc. sunday is busyness central but it's all good and joyous. GOOOOODNIGHT ALL!!!
i feel like i am doing better emotionally. i am also not thinking about it at ALL. smart move, my girl. g'night.

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