Saturday, December 13, 2003

10:03 AM
aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh weekend!!!!!!! heehee. happiness. yesterday was long and drawn out but i made it through!! the swim meet was fine, i dropped my breast stroke time 4 seconds from thursday and 2 seconds from my best. yay. steven qualified for state in fly (56 SECONDS FOR 4 LAPS of FLY!!! OH MY GOSH!) and MK won her fly and ryan and philip the college freshmen were present. i told jessie, if ryan grows his hair out a little longer, they could be twins. jessie was wonderful in her 500 as usual and linley did great too, esp. after having to swim the free relay with me, steph, and liv afterwards. came home and showered and watched "will and grace" and ate cookies. went to sleep. slept.....
....woke up about 30 minutes ago. must go practice at church for "riu, riu, chiu" @ 11:30. then maybe we shall pop over to NN and PP's to see mary. i hope she likes the world premiere tomorrow. i hope we do it well and do her gorgeous work justice for the first time. today i need to:
make presents
watch tv
rest my voice
clean my room
i love you guys!! xmas is coming!! heeheehee....

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