Tuesday, November 25, 2003

9:32 pm
thanksgiving break is underway dudes!!! heeheehee. too bad for all those private school folks that have to attend tomorrow (molls... emmy... nathan... george... hehehehehehahaha! jk yall jk). anyway, today i got up a bit early and got to the teacher breakfast on time!! and we hung out in there while the teachers ate and then we ate food after they were gone- i had a chocolate donut and a slice of pumpkin pie (@ 8:10 in the AM) and me and megs took boxes of donuts to ms. R's room and all the guys were extremely grateful to us, hehe. then we took the quiz which wasn't horrible... just annoying. factoring, multiplying, dividing... megs: ms. ross, i forgot how to multiply!! whoops megs. then in APWH/econ, flowers wasn't there so it was forrester and he gave us a case study and i could NOT think whatsoever so i wrote down some crap and turned it in... but i think it's fairly good, maybe. got a 96 on my first econ test!! YAY! phew. then went to art which was cool- finished watching "the rookie", carved more of my linoleum heron thing. then went to lunch, sat w/ lizzie and martha and them. then the bell rang and i went home!!!!!!!!! grin. watched LoTR: TTT extra stuff up here on the laptop. read, rested. walked doggies in coldness. watched tv. hung out. ate chicken pie. watched tv. made cookies. now this. i should sleep earlier. tomorrow dad and nana and i are going to david and kelly's. should be fun. happy thanksgiving and everything to all of yall... my dearest ones.

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