Sunday, November 16, 2003

9:10 pm
ooh yay, i've got an email from dearest bro david. yesterday was fun. and i will tell more about megs' party later. yes, that was what the ALL SYSTEMS GO thing was. another surprise party!! yay! she was surprised which made me happy. we watched "finding nemo" and stuff. good times dude. yesterday i mainly worked on my ERP and stuff. and went to SMS' school house rock and then got publix sandwiches and watched LoTR w/ daddy.
today i went to sunday school and sang and then me, nathan, molls, and george walked down to the village and talked. then church. then home. then to leslee's potluck for forrest (5 yrs on tues.. 5 YEARS! god). then choir early to talk to wes. then choir. i like mary's piece but it's hard. then down to starbucks for megs' bday celebration thing. for like 5 minutes. then back up to the yaab. talked to rae and amy and saw pics from last weekend. hung out w/ nathan and megs and allie and them. sang songs. planned prayers for youth sunday. that was funny. addy: who was the idiot that told me i needed caffeine to get rid of a headache?!?! hehe. then played sardines. THAT was fun. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. talked to rae afterwards. gotta get off, dad wants me to. byebye! ahhh today was a wonderful day. heehee. :-D

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