Wednesday, November 05, 2003

8:06 pm
HI! home.. how nice. and demain is breakfast club club club. hehe. can you tell i'm drained/hyper from swimming? ooh, email from lauralita!!! love her. anyway, today was pretty good. slept about 9 hours last night and then went to school, got good grades in all classes, rode the bus home (it rained most of the day) and then hung out for 45 minutes or so, then drove to CHS for swim team with mom. the bus was a little late so we got about 45 minutes in of warm up, cruel kickboard stuff, snake, 100s, and cooldown. it was nice i'll admit. esp. to get out of the water and go home. ;) and at the beginning i saw my marty and vic. FRIDAY!!!! yessssssssss fallllll retreeeeat. phew. one more practice tomorrow. came home and ate publix sandwich after i showered and then ice cream.. and now this. i should REALLY work on my ERP. yuck. my jaw hurts too. all systems go, all systems go!!! breakfast club is tomorrow. yummmmy yvonne's pancakes i love em. jaw jaw jaw ow ow ow. ok gotta go... love you all
(wow i'm a poet
and i don't even know it)

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