Monday, November 03, 2003

7:53 pm
hi well i got myself all psyched out for swimming but then we had a "miscommunication" so we got on the bus and went all the way to CHS and got there and Dunwoody was there with 90 swimmers and they offered us a lane but sorry, that wouldn't work so we went home. waste of time oh well. anyway, today was just busy. a busy monday monday. tomorrow i have to stay after school cause the whole thing about swimming is that we have 5:30 practice instead of 6:30. which is actually good. math test tomorrow... should probably study and get an early bedtime. i've already done my econ. mase needs me to get off at 8 which is soon unfortunately. damn cause i am talkin to allie. OH LAST NIGHT ROCKED! well we had a mtg about the play, then we didn't have choir cause wes had a work emergency, then we moved pumpkins and then rachel taught us how to swing dance!!! FUN! i danced w/ nathan, thomas, and victor. i need a bit more practice but she's gonna teach salsa this weekend! COOL!! ok bye, love yall

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