Sunday, November 09, 2003

6:10 pm
hi!!! YAY FALL RETREAT 03!!!! over but a blast bien sur
here is what i wrote on my AIM profile but i spose i shall elaborate on it. i also have some free writing to do off the net cause there's a lot of thinking to do about certain things. anyway.
"fall retreat 03! big top blue van RULES! claire, kady, marty, addy, nathan, me, em, megs, ben, & laine; dancin around, SALSA!!!! heehee- "conquests" :-D, lunar eclipses, worship, rae and clairebee ROCK, salsa all the time dude! sucky food but great company, AL stereotypes, snuff & brandy together again! old youth stories, campfire, HAND CHECK MEGAN! haha jk guys jk, talkin and laughin and loving my crowd verrry much"
yeah so i went to school on friday which was fine and then walked to the YAAB, dropped my stuff in DB rm, ran down to the village to get a snack at starbucks and then came back. nathan was there so we put our stuff in the van and hung out and more and more peoples appeared- lots and lots of em. allie came down to tell us to have a good time and we wished her luck on her state meet. YAY! me, megs, nathan, allie, addy, marty, em, etc. hung out in the big blue top for like an hour til everyone was ready to go. then we circled up of course and took off. clairebee was our driver!!!! yessssssss. kady the big senior rode shotgun, then martha and adrienne were in the first row. then nathan, me, and emily. then megan, ben, and laine. drove in traffic and listened to music and talked. stopped at a wendy's somewheres and finally got to the place! same as last year. put our stuff away and went to the meeting room. it was nice and a lot bigger and cleaner than the one we had last year, i liked it. george of course brought all his cds and so we listened to several songs and some v. cool gals (including moi) cancanned around the room to the monkees i believe it was. now THAT was fun. then we got separated into groups and had friendship discussions (theme was "strong ties"- about friendship- addy and em did a great job planning- taking after their older sisters, except em didn't crack up during the prayer like ann did once, which was HYSTERICAL might i add). then we made mailboxes and had a little freetime and went to bed. also similar to last yr, sr. high gals in one side, jr high in another- by choice. and marty was on top bunk, while i was bottom. but no buffy or alex or rachel TRYING to sing "the angel... she SAVED ME!!!!!" very much missed, although seems like the college gals aren't really gone since they're around so much. then on saturday we woke up at 7ish and the (not great) breakfast was at 7:30. had a morning session and quiet time, and then played some HILARIOUS games- freeze frame and of course honey if you love me. for freeze frame, lester was convulsing on the floor (haha), bob played spin the bottle, ben modeled, etc. etc. then for honey if you love me, i put on my usual ice queen persona (is that how you spell it??) but it was really funny of course and megan to rae was HYSTERICAl though i didn't find out later til what she said. then we had free time and rae taught marty, megs, and daniel salsa. i watched and wrote notes and then we had lunch at noon. had an afternoon session and then- one of my favorite parts of the time- i got to learn salsa too!!!!! i am so excited that i know actual dance steps now!!!! the jump thing is the most fun to do. it was me, clairebee, marty, megs, lester, and george. then i walked around and bo and kat and laura got there from state and then sat on a rock w/ ben, nathan, robby, etc. stereotyping AL people. weirdness. then we planned our worship parts, then got to salsa more and had dinner at 5:30. worship was at 7 and it was fun- candler told this great bert and ernie friendship story about a showerhead, hehe- and then me and rae and marty and vic and clairebee sat around and talked about all the horrible crap they had to go through and their experiences with worship. it's strange for me to think about meg and phil and that they were friends for them since i don't really remember them at all. even if she was my cousin, i hardly ever saw her. but it was a great conversation, and it was so wonderful to get closer to them because i have seriously like idolized rachel and all those people since they were in youth and i though they were so cool (which they are). then some peoples (pas moi) played capture the flag while some of us sat inside and listened to amy, rae, and clairebee and chris and gabrielle tell old youth stories. hehehe. then we had a campfire which was fun. then we went to the mtg. room and me and marty sang old 8th grade chorus songs, then we went to sleep and me and marty talked for awhile. woke up at 6:30ish, packed, ate breakfast, swept, left. had a good van ride back. then got back and ate varsity for lunch at church, then came home and slept for 2 hours and then watched a documentary thing on queen liz II and now this. ok this was long. pizza for dinner! skipped choir. LOVE YOU ALL MUCHOS
next thing to look fwd to? thanksgiving, LOTR, and XMAS!!!!!!!!!

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