Friday, November 14, 2003

5:19 pm
it's friday, THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh. i am @ LK's house right now, for reasons that i shall not reveal until awhile later... hehehe. but may i just repeat, all systems go, i repeat, all systems go. more on that later.
yesterday i went to breakfast club w/ daddy and we all sang happy birthday to dearest amy. and i got to have my beloved short stack. then we went to school, math as ever was fun. ap world was easy cause we just took notes. art was fun cause i finished most of my jungle scene. lunch was lunch... reading enrichment was boring but it was the last day so it was easy. then i came home and watched tv... "8 simple rules" that i taped, "the andy griffith reunion", etc. etc... then ate yummmmmy hamburgers and then daddy and i went off to the swim team mtg. came back home and got things ready for today and showered and watched "friends" and "will and grace" and did some hw.
so today i went to french club and got to eat brie and bread and eclairs and they talked about movie nite which i cannot go to (cause i'm here, hehe) and dinner @ violette's in dec. math was FUNNY cause ms. ross was stealing megs' rose and chocolate and present, etc. that thyles gave her. econ was easy- more notes. it's just so dang FREEZING in that room... and outside... and in art... and i finished my jungle thing. so i read national geographic and hung out. lunch was cool, we went to ms. R's rm and someone told us the cdc was on fire... but apparently if it was it wasn't serious cause it wasn't on the news.. .hrm. so then i went to math SAT prep which was actually fun.. ms. M is cool, i like her. she talked about tests- ACT, SAT etc. and we talked baseball w/ palmer and i talked to ali too. then came home w/ LK.. and i shall divulge other details at a later date. bye!! love,
ps. less than 2 weeks til thanksgiving!!!
pps. extended dvd of TTT comes out on tuesday!!! :-D

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