Tuesday, November 18, 2003

5:01 pm
aloha all
don't have to go to practice today due to transportation issues, yay!! but it fairly dark and a bit stormy out... god be w/ us. a week from today is a 1/2 day!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!! ooh i'm excited hehe. i am checking my email. all i have for homework is working on my ERP. today was fine. my first two classes are hard, and then my last two are easy. so it's a good mix. now next semester is a different story cause i have all cores. dang. ah well, worry about that later. i am listening to gaelic storm from mase's room. spaghetti for dinner... groan. but pumpkin bread ROCKS. practice yesterday was pretty tough. but i guess it is getting better every time. i would just like to have our 1st meet over with. it's on thursday. can't believe it's been a year since last november (well duh clairey...). it went soooo fast. around a yr ago i was going crazy with different decisions of sorts. this year is going well so far. ;) :-) my glasses need cleaning. dum da dum. rainrainrainrainrain. i am looking fwd. to thanksgiving. maybe on the friday after my peoples and myself (moi, nathan, A, em, megs, george, ben, etc. etc.) could get together and watch "the emperor's new groove" and other stuff like we have talked about. that would be tres fun. i love this time of year. extended two towers today!!!! yay!!! i think we will get it this weekend when dad gets back in town. love yall

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