Wednesday, November 19, 2003

4:40 pm
hihihi tomorrow is thursday. i just wanna get the first meet over with. practice today will probably be tough but i can handle it. it is cold and sunny/cloudy outside. and blustery. ahh just like november. 1 MONTH FROM TODAY I GET TO GO SEE RETURN OF THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it is also gonna be the last day of the semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's scary cause i can remember the last day of fall semester last yr!! seems like just yesterday we were gonna go see the two towers. can't wait for the weekend cause swim pressure will be off for now, we can get the extended dvd of TTT and i can relax. and i know that i'll only have 1 1/2 days of school that week. i just wish david was coming home for thanksgiving. oh well- i'll see him plus lots of others at christmas. pumpkin bread is sooooooooooooo good. mmmmm i wish we had an everlasting supply. last night i listened to some of the 1999 lessons and carols service we had on tape- it was weird, like taking a trip back in time, listening to J and DA's voices... so familiar yet so unfamiliar. it was cool. oooh i still haven't seen RoTK trailer yet. yeesh. ben had his surgery yesterday, i hope he's doing ok. i should call him. i have math and ERP stuff to work on. the columbus movie we're watching in AP WH is good but that moxica dude was creeeeeeeeeeeepy. flowers kept rewinding for us to see him jump from the cliff again. ewwwww! breakfast club tomorrow morning and kappa the morning after that. i think i have like 10 1/2 hrs. if they have another teacher breakfast i can get an 1 1/2 and be done. i hope. ooh i am so excited about the RoTK soundtrack. yayayay. i got an 86 on my math test. and i spent most of art drawing a heron until i perfected it, and then in math sat prep me and ali did average problems. grrowl. mase is bugging me to get on..... growl again. bye, peace

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