Monday, November 10, 2003

4:40 pm
hihihi monday is over and done with and practice is cancelled for today... and starts at LHS tomorrow so no more CHS!! whoo hoo thank goodness. anyways, today was pretty good. megs and i showed ms. ross the salsa and warren said it looked like we were doing the east side stomp. crazyness. then i did ok maybe on the test for econ and sort BSed my way thru the essay but i don't think it was horrible. i got 100 on my com essay and a 90 on my multiple choice test too, yay! art was good, i like this matboard project. lunch was fun too and then reading enrichment was easy bien sur and now i am home and dad is still here getting ready to go. soooo yeah that's all. i need to study for my math quiz and work on my stupid ERP but later cause i've already taken up phone line time now. PEACE YALL

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